The Effect

The Cream

Prepared for the enjoyment of life

Our cream is absorbed continuously and leaves no trace or shine.
The cream releases the active ingredient over a long time,
generating a progressive and lasting effect on the skin cells
which is maintained throughout the day.

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The Serum

One moment, here comes beauty

In contrast to the cream, our serum is absorbed very rapidly.
In this way, the active ingredient penetrates into the skin and is released immediately, generating a high intensity of effect on the cells in a very short time.

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The Base and The Mousse

Renew the transformation every day

Our base, formulated as cleansing milk, eliminates completely with a single application all oil soluble impurities, such as grease and traces of makeup. Our mousse, with a soapy texture, is more effective for removing all kinds of water soluble impurities, such as grubbiness. In this way the pores are disinfected and relaxed, and your skin is prepared to activate the Effect with more power.

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The treatment

Show your best face in just four steps

Base – Cleanses the outer skin layers.
Mousse – Relaxes the skin and prepares it for the Effect.
Serum – Releases the Effect with maximum intensity.
Cream – Maintains the intensity of the Effect for hours .

Combine the four products for the full power of the Effect

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The Story

More than working for beauty, we work for life.

At Endor, we design and create the active ingredients for Y.en in our own premises, using nanotechnology.

However, our main activity is nanomedicine.
We specialize in oncology and tissue regeneration, which has enabled us to create these innovative cosmetic products.

Our aim is to achieve that, as well as you, millions of other people can live more fully, more optimistically and more positively.

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